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Lear How Germs Spread

Learn How Germs Spread! Now parents, Covid -19 has been quite a traumatizing experience. Children of all ages has to become comfortable with masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizer before some of them even learned to socialize properly. But, Covid isn’t the only thing in the air. Colds, the flu, and even seasonal allergies are the normal we all aspire to get back to. It’s never a bad time to teach children how germs spread in a hands on, yet fun activity! Materials:

  • Glitter

  • Soap

  • Water

  • Lotion


  1. it’s time to get the hands damp! But not soaking wet. Just enough to soak up some moisture

  2. Sprinkle the GLITTTTER!!!! The glitter represent germs so don’t be shy about the glitter. (Be wary of the potential cleanup)

  3. Now have you child touch things around the iotas, including other people. Watch how the “germs” spread without us noticing.

  4. Lastly, have a great conversation about hoe we can avoid such disasters or at least minimize the risk.

Teaching about the serious stuff doesn’t always have to be heavy. Always be willing to add some fun when possible. Sincerely, A Tip Filled Teacher


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