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Pass the Drawing

Okay, so here’s the deal. This game is a lot more fun if at least four people are playing. This is an excellent game to play with the whole family. It is also a way to promote family bonding and engagement.


  • Paper

  • Different Colored Pens

  • Timer

First, give each person paper and a different colored pen. Then set the timer to one minute and ask everyone to draw anything they want using their color pen. After the timer goes off, pass the paper to the next person and continue the drawing on the paper they get. Continue this for a couple of rounds. In the end, give each piece back to the original person. Have that person ‘present’ their picture creation and explain what they think has been made.

This is a fantastic game that tests creativity. How creative can you be? What stories can you come up with? What’s the wackiest thing you can draw?


A Tip- Filled Teacher

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