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Farhad Babu
Jul 17, 2022
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According to law 22/2011 on waste and contaminated soil published in the boe on july 29, 2011, waste is any substance or object that its owner discards or has the intention or obligation to do so. This law distinguishes various types of waste, which includes domestic waste, commercial waste and industrial waste . In this article we are interested in the latter, so let's see their definition: “waste resulting from manufacturing, transformation, use, consumption, cleaning or maintenance processes generated by industrial activity, excluding emissions into the atmosphere regulated by law 34/2007, of november 15.” inesem business school lifelong learning master in chemical engineering + 60 ects credits more information many of these residues can be dangerous because they can be e commerce photo editing flammable, corrosive, toxic substances or can produce chemical reactions that can be dangerous for humans and the environment. Industrial waste management normally, the industrial waste management model , whether hazardous or not, deals with the obligation of the producing company to maintain said waste in optimal conditions until it is delivered to an authorized manager . In addition, you must use a registered waste hauler and pay all costs. Briefly, industrial waste management is the collection, transport, treatment and recycling of discarded materials produced in industrial activity. Today, thanks to current technology, it would be possible to reduce the negative impact of waste but it is too expensive. For this reason, other more economical procedures are carried out , depending on the type of waste: - physical, chemical and biological treatments . It is about transforming the waste into other less harmful ones to dump them or to use as raw material. -incineration. Burning waste is
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