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Ft Imran
Aug 02, 2022
In General Discussion
Mythology and genealogy to portray marginalized people in order to explore deeper issues of morality, ethics and values, "Hong Kong Crime and Punishment" touches on more Practical social problems, which not only focus on the overall social phenomenon but also highlight specific issues, make predictions for the most probable future of Hong Kong, present deep-seated social problems, and have an allegorical effect. In other words, in Hou Junming's creative telemarketing list process, "Hong Kong Crime and Punishment" does have a certain continuity in terms of paying attention to the general direction of society, but it also has different creative expressions. In fact, this kind of creativity that both continues and strives for breakthroughs is the consistent artistic feature of Hou Junming. Before "Hong Kong Crime and Punishment", Hou Junming had created many artworks with reference to the form of the folk hell map, and also planned to print them into prints, but this creative idea was finally abandoned and did not make a series of prints. However, "Hell Map" (1993-96) is not just a continuation of Hou Junming's previous attempt to parody the folklore style, nor is it just a random drawing of his own interest. Even, he has carefully revised and developed, and his manuscripts have left a record of many changes. Due to his usual prudent creative attitude, and because the social criticism may be too straightforward, Hou Junming did not continue to process and complete the envisioned printmaking works.
If Hou Junming's previous "Sou Shen Ji" (1993) was a parody of traditional  content media