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mamun 123
Jun 13, 2022
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At a time when the traffic dividend has almost peaked, it is obviously unrealistic for most companies to continue to obtain new traffic to make profits. Whether you like it or not, private domain is undoubtedly one of the best choices for most companies when executive list they are stuck in the bottleneck of traffic growth. Compared with other industries, the maternal and child industry actually has some natural advantages in the transformation of the executive list private domain. Next, let's analyze together, what are the advantages of the transformation of the mother and baby industry to the private domain? What should be done specifically? High frequency and high unit price From the perspective of consumption, industries with high-frequency purchase rate and high unit price executive list of products are the most suitable for private domain. Because when enterprises deposit users in private domains, in order to achieve better payment conversion effect, they need to use various executive list methods to reach each other and increase users' consumption frequency and consumption amount. If your product users can't buy it twice a year, and the price is not high, it is naturally executive list difficult to increase revenue. Maternity and baby can be said to be one of the most abundant product categories in all industries, the prices of the products are not cheap, so the mother and baby industry firstly satisfies the high frequency and high customer unit price. Characteristics of Maternal and Infant Consumer Groups In specific consumption scenarios, what characteristics of the target consumer groups of mothers and babies are the advantages of enterprises operating in the private domain. 1. Pay executive list attention to price, pay more attention to quality and service As a mother-infant consumer group dominated by mothers, careful budgeting is also a major characteristic of this group, but careful planning does executive list not mean that they will sacrifice quality for price. On the contrary, when they buy maternal and child products, quality is always the first, and on this basis, they will think about starting with the lowest discount.
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