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md mukter
Jun 28, 2022
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Each client, at the time the email was sent, to receive the updated prices corresponding to their rate. image Gourmet food products from in your ecommerce Which have been the results? started using t for its emailing functionality, because it gave Jewelry Retouching him the option to personalize emails via the fee token and other personal data of each customer. When they saw the potential of the platform and that with it they had been able to automate a process that until recently had been done manually, they decided to centralize their ERP and CRM with all billing data in . In order to achieve this via API , the IT team created a robust structure, with a queue system and an internal monitoring system , which allows modules to be added to the structure as new ERP instances are to be synchronized with . For example, when a contact is updated in the ERP, it is also updated in Hubspot. The app is a middleware between Hubspot and the ERP or CRM , and everything works by events. From the ERP, when a customer's data is updated, a call is made to the endpoint , which triggers an event that starts the update process, and finally transfers the information to Hubspot. The information is treated with a security system to maintain privacy and with a queuing system, since if the Hubspot API fails or there is a connection problem, the event is requeued and no data is lost. What has been the impact? Global vision of offline business . Sales declines and new opportunities can now be visualized on dashboards. Sales pipelines according to the different product lines . The order was given that the billing system, apart from sending invoices to clients, also integrates them into Hubspot. This way you can visualize in a graphical and simple way which customers have not bought from you for 15 days, 3 or 6 months.