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Jun 14, 2022
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Enhancing user experience" is a phrase that our designers often say, and of course it is also the core content of designers' work. So, what exactly is user experience? How to make user-centered design? This problem is not limited to daily work needs. I executive email list think this is a very interesting way of thinking. We can use this thinking model to help you executive email list get "How to become a more popular designer in the eyes of the demand side", "How to do It is good to advance to the defense” and other questions. To clarify this issue, first, we have to review the related concepts of user experience. 01 What is User-Centered Design The term user experience was first executive email list widely recognized and popularized by user experience designer Donald Norman in the mid-1990s. User experience, that is, the user's overall feelings before, during and after using executive email list a product or system, including emotions, beliefs, preferences, cognitive impressions, physiological and psychological reactions, behaviors and achievements. UCD is user-centered design translated as "user-centered design". The core idea of ​​UCD is very simple: in every aspect of product development, the user should be considered. The following elements are usually concerned: executive email list usability, user characteristics, usage scenarios, user tasks, and user flows. 02 Conventional UCD process Determine the scenario: who is the main user of the product, what executive email list is the driving force for the user to use the product, what are the demands of the user, and under what circumstances the user uses the product; Determining requirements: After clarifying the scenario, you can determine the detailed product requirements; Build design and development:
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