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Rtf Rasel
Jan 31, 2022
In General Discussion
The first thing you have to do Company Email List is consult the web analytics program you use, for example Google Analytics, and check for each entry source (search engines Company Email List, direct, referred websites...) which is the page that most people access (normally it will be home) and what are the first words the visitor Company Email List sees on that page. In order not to repeat the same thing for everyone, by means of a small script you can ensure that the first thing the visitor sees is different if it comes from google than from the hosteltur website Company Email List than if it puts your website directly in the browser . Although I know that this is Company Email List more technical, I will detail below a possible script that would do it so that you can pass it on to your programmers. script-behavioral-targetin thank you page When we normally interact with a website because we have made a Company Email List purchase or registered, we are then shown a thank you screen, this is a perfect area to start our behavioral targeting. Since our visitor has interacted with Company Email List our website, we cannot miss the opportunity for him to do so again and tell us something more about him. To do this, you can, Company Email List for example, show information about the office closest to their home, show them events that you organize in their area or invite them Company Email List to subscribe to their profiles on social networks. The trick is to offer them something based on the data you just gave us. Offer relevant information to users who have already visited us If a client returns to your website it is because they liked Company Email List something and want to know more, and what better way than to directly offer them the latest updates since they entered.
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