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sukanto Kuri
Jun 25, 2022
In General Discussion
Google has announced another round of updates on how closer variants Photo Retouching work. Queries with the same meaning may already trigger ads for exact match keywords as of September 2018. However, variations that now have the same meaning can also affect phrases and modified keywords that are partial matches. Google expects advertisers to see an increase in clicks and impressions for affected keywords by about 3-4%, of which 85% will be account increments. Advertiser ads can be triggered by different queries, so three actions to properly position your account to take advantage of incremental leads while reducing the risk exposure Photo Retouching of irrelevant queries. Is recommended. 1. Automate bidding to avoid overusing low quality proximity variants If you start seeing ads for new similar variations of your keywords, don't pay more than you Photo Retouching need for this new traffic. The close variant introduces a new layer of complexity to bid management, which is good reason to assess whether a bidding strategy is still the best strategy. advertisement Continue reading below I've claimed it before, but I'll say it again. No one should manage bids manually. This is another nail in a casket for manual bid management. Simply put, at the level of targeting and the complexity associated with bidding, it's nearly impossible for a person to manually Photo Retouching manage bids and do it as well as an automated system. The current changes to close the variant may not require you to change the way your account is managed. However, if you don't manage your queries carefully, the potential downsides can be amplified. There is no longer a match type that gives you Photo Retouching complete control over the exact words that need to be included in your query to display your ad. As a result, bids for a keyword are now applied to potentially dozens or hundreds of variations of that keyword.