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Sumaiya Khatun
Jan 31, 2022
In General Discussion
Compared to the previous year, Internet users have employee data increased by 4% (192 million more), making a total of almost 5,000 million worldwide. In addition, users also claim that they spend almost 7 hours a day surfing the net . And, compared to 2021, they spend more time on social media than the year before, spending an average of 2 employee data hours and 27 minutes a day . This study on digital trends also reveals that just over 46% of social network users are women, while almost 54% are men. Facebook remains the most used social network (2.91 billion active users), followed by YouTube (2.562 million active users) and employee data WhatsApp (2 billion active users). Even so, the users' favorite social platforms employee data are WhatsApp , chosen by almost 16% of Internet users; Instagram , chosen by almost 15%, and Facebook , chosen by more than 14% of users. If you don't see the embedded video correctly, click here . The cryptocurrency fever Another noteworthy fact is that almost 60% of Internet users worldwide buy a product or service online every week. Likewise, more than two employee data thirds (67.1%) of the world population uses a mobile phone, reaching 5,310 million mobile phone users at the beginning of 2022. And almost 70% use the smartphone to play video games. As the study points out, cryptocurrencies are another of the digital trends on the rise: the number of people who own cryptocurrencies employee data has skyrocketed by more than a third since a year ago. More than 1 in 10 internet users of working age own some form of cryptocurrency. With 500 million podcast listeners worldwide, this employee data format provides multiple opportunities for brands. That's why Spotify is paving the way for firms to run ad campaigns on its platform. The latest release is Streaming Ad Insertion , whereby you will be able to insert ads into original podcasts from the audio network. "We open the employee data opportunity for the first time for brands to be advertised in our catalog of original podcasts ", says Rodrigo González , Head of Sales of Spotify Spain, in the presentation. “The message is delivered in a multimedia, interactive, immersive environment where the audience is listening,” he continues. As for employee data how ad insertion works, these will appear while the user is listening to an original Spotify podcast.
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