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Chicken and Shrimp Salad Recipe

This week I wanted to eat something healthy and nutritious, so I chose to make a salad. I love salads with different ingredients in them; Salads can be a full meal that looks good, taste, good, and are really healthy. So, I gathered ingredients from my fridge that were already prepared and purchased additional items that I wanted to add.

This recipe is extremely easy to make and takes only an hour and half to prepare.


1 package of Chicken breast(if you find thin sliced chicken breast, that's even better)

1 package of uncooked Shrimp

1 head of iceberg lettuce(or whatever is your favorite)

1 cucumber

1 small red onion

1 container of baby tomatoes

1 bottle of Caesar dressing

1 package of grated Parmesan Cheese

1 bottle of bacon bits( If you have the time you can make your own bacon bits-just cook your favorite bacon, let cool, and chop them up finely)


1) First clean and wash the chicken. I usually rinse the chicken with some vinegar and lemon juice or whatever you usually use to wash your meat. Next, cut up your meat in small pieces and season with black pepper, salt, red pepper flakes for a little kick, and any other seasoning you like to season your chicken with and then place in a bowl.

2) Second, peel your uncooked shrimp and rinse them. Season shrimp with salt and black pepper and any other seasoning to your liking and place in a bowl.

3) Get your cutting board and start chopping up your lettuce, cucumber, onion, and tomatoes, and place in the bowl when finished.

4) In a frying pan add ¾ cup of cooking oil( I use olive oil, but you can use whatever you prefer) to the pan. Add in your chicken first and let it cook for 10 minutes while stirring frequently. Add in your shrimp when the chicken is almost cooked and let everything simmer together for another 10 minutes.

5) Season your salad bowl with some salt and pepper to taste and add in your shrimp and chicken.

6) Lastly, top off your salad with parmesan cheese, bacon bits, and salad dressing, and serve.

7) Bon Appetit!

Tell us what you think of the recipe in the comments!

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