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Extracurricular Activities

Preparing for college is not an easy process. You should speak to your guidance counselor constantly about what your interests are, your grades, what colleges you are interested in, and about your feelings going through this whole process. Depending on what major you plan on pursuing, you must do certain things besides speaking to your guidance counselor to ensure your spot in the college of your dreams.

Now I am going to give you the 411 on what things you should be working on when preparing for college because, to be honest, your guidance counselor will not tell you everything to expect when you either enter college or when you start applying to colleges.

Taking on many extracurricular activities can definitely increase your chances of being accepted into your school of choice, because colleges always love to see that a student has participated in other things outside of academics. They love to see a well rounded student. Something that never crossed my mind in high school was to look for other things outside of school; such as forming connections through internships, or having a mentor to help guide me, answer questions, and just give me advice.

So I am going to give you some tips that may help you during this transition from highschool to college. These tips can help you get outside your comfort zone, learn new things and meet new people.

1) Internships

I didn't know much about internships in high school. I figured it wasn't something I had to take part in. When I entered college it was necessary for everyone to have some experience working as an intern to help boost and further the career of your choice. I did not know these were offered to high school students, they were not advertised as much in my school. So do your research-that is key! offers many internships for high school students especially now since we are in a pandemic. So I highly recommend taking the initiative to look into what sort of internships are available to you.

2) College Now Classes

College Now classes are offered throughout New York City and in some other states. They provide an opportunity for high school students to earn college credits. Many colleges will accept the credits, so now you are entering college with 3-6 college credits.

3) After school Jobs

There are afterschool jobs that are available for teenagers in your state that can teach you responsibility, and how to get acclimated in the workforce. During the summer you can apply for summer youth employment. They offer a variety of different jobs in many fields. The bonus is that it will look great on your college applications.

4) Volunteer Work or Community Service

There are many places in your town that need assistance within your community. Lending a helping hand shows that you have grit, grace, and determination. You look to the colleges as someone that has compassion to help those that are less fortunate. Those are qualities colleges also look for in their students.

Here are some places you can volunteer:

  • Local Library

  • Nursing Home

  • Small Businesses

  • Community Centers

  • National Parks

  • Hospitals

  • Animal hospitals

  • Daycare centers

  • Ronald Mcdonald House

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Food Pantry

4) Leadership Activities

I know from previous experience leadership qualities is something that is a hard thing to accomplish. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. I was very quiet and shy, and I wasn't comfortable. But I learned with more practice, I became better at becoming a leader and started to stand out amongst others. So you can do it to. Start to think out of the box and challenge yourself to try things you wouldn't normally try. Colleges love to see that quality in their students as well.

Some ways you can show off your leadership skills is by:

  • Joining a club or creating a club

  • Take part in student government

  • Join the debate team

  • Write on the student newspaper/magazine(if your school doesn't have one-create your own)

  • Join a sports Team

Just remember, don't be shy, and take chances. Now is the time to live and learn from any mistakes that you might make. We all make mistakes-but learning from them is how we will grow and become successful.


WWV-A Brown Girls Perspective LLC.

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