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Paper Towel Rainbow

Now look, young or old, everyone is going to stop and observe a rainbow when they see one. How could anyone miss such a natural occurring beauty? But sometimes, we all need a quick pick me up and we don't have time to wait for it to rain before we can enjoy such a breathtaking scenery. So today, I'll walk you through making a little bit of your own sunshine as you learn how to create a quick rainbow.

Best believe I am all about accessibility and utilizing materials so here's a quick list of what you'll need:


  1. Washable markers

  2. Paper Towel

  3. Two identical clear cups

  4. Water


  1. fold the paper towel in half. I call it the hotdog way, long way, or horizontally.

  2. Cut off about 1/3 of the paper towel. You'll need he piece you cut off so save the smaller section for later.

  3. Draw the rainbow colors on one end of the paper towel in rectangles. Make sure to go over the colors a few times with the markers so there is enough dye to travel up the paper towel. Thick and rich lines work the best.

  4. Do the aforementioned step above on both sides of the paper towel.

  5. Fill glass with 3/4 of the water.

  6. Place the each end of the paper towels into the cups. 1/2 of the rainbow should be in the water.

* Do not fully submerge the entire colored portion of the paper towel in the water.*

7. Observe and be in awe of the amazing rainbow you've just created!

Sometimes you've got to bring the rainbow in artificially. Enjoy!


A Tip - Filled Teacher

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