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Snowstorm In a Jar

Hey loves!

It's the summer months at the time I'm making this post. Now, I love the warmth as much as the next person, but the unbearable heat..mhmmm I've gotta rethink that part. Ya know what else? Not everyone is a big fan of the heat, and some may miss their own little slice of igloo weather. Me? Nah I'll take spring anyday. Ha! Look at me getting distracted! For those who want a slice of winter during the warmer months, this is a simple fun activity for the kiddos.


  1. Clear Jar with closing lid (mason Jar would be best)

  2. Baby Oil

  3. Acrylic Paint (very light blue)

  4. Water

  5. Alkaline Seltzer Tablet


  1. Add some baby oil to the mason jar.

  2. Mix up so light blue acrylic paint and water

  3. add mixture to the mason jar

  4. Add the alkaline seltzer tablet and close the lid

  5. watch a self made snow storm be created before your eyes!

Send pics if you complete this one! I'll enjoy it from the comfort of my AC.



a Tip- Filled Teacher

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