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I shouldn't have to click like over

I shouldn't have to click like over

And over

On a page to prove

I believe in gays and god

And how much I love my mom

And how I'm saying a prayer

For the one who got publicity

For the disease she couldn't control

Yet the others are forgotten

Because at first it was ok

A like to avoid it coming for you

In the dark

A click to avoid responsibility

And a tap to make up for the sins

Committed with your pride

Envy jealousy

In this technology filled world

What is sitting behind a screen

Clicking a button to like a picture

Going to do?

Is it better than starting a petition

A strike

A movement?

Any movement

Any force?

Since when have we let the clicks

Become how we choose to change

And save a world

Hellbent on it's own destruction

Because were clicking and clicking This mechanical sound all we know

And were losing that feeling

Of human connection

As we become connected

To a screen with it's

UV reflections reflecting

Off our eyes that only glow with the artificial sunlight

Because the light in our eyes

Is starting to slowly subside

And the flaw in our programming

Is that were being programmed

As if we are machinery ourselves

And we are as we sit and click click

Click to save that child from abuse

Click to punch that abuser of a child

Click click click to like that pic

To say what you mean

To hide who you are to spread a hateful vendetta

You don't even believe

Click as your mind is poisoned by others opinions

And yours fade into the background

Click as your life becomes nothing more than click

Click click your fingers

Because that's what you've learned

That's all you know how to do

Now were face to face talking

And I won't shut up

Click you say

Yet I don't cease to speak

Click click click

You continue to tap me

Looking for the power down

Shut off switch that won't appear

Click your getting frustrated

Click click it's not working

You're terrified

Because all you know how to do

Suddenly isn't good enough

It's not enough to click click

A person out of existence

When their very presence

Is as solid as the clicks you've become addicted to

This click becoming my generations new obsession

Click click click

It's the infection

And the cure doesn't exist

As this virus spreads

Multiplies because more technology

Is created

Click click click

Where does this infection stop infecting us

With the thoughts that aren't our own

With feelings we don't comprehend

But yet it doesn't matter

Because our addiction

Is addicting as we click

Our primary instinct to survive and connect

So we

Click click click


The Poet

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