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Who Are We Trying To Please

Who are we trying to please No really Our family Who claims to support us Every step of the way Our friends Who either walk with us when we are poor Or ride behind our backs rich Or strangers Who become what they become Without us involved Or God if you believe To make it to heaven But who is this for Ourselves? Because we seem to never impress Ourselves Say we're confident self assured Yet still find time to pick out The imperfections which make us perfect So who? The opposite sex? The same sex? Why do we need this approval We all say don't matter don't care But on some level Shallow or deep We do So who are we trying to please If there's no higher being Were chasing our tails Trying to figure out a puzzle That's missing too many pieces Rebelling to prove that society isn't what it's cracked up to be Or being the governments spy to prove that you love our nation Where is this self actualization That was made into a pyramid And when do we reach it Cause from down here Where my head is leveled Only by the playing field I try to win Not a damn soul can say they've Never tried to fit in Never cried when they knew they shouldn't Felt ashamed because society has deemed us with opinions That we should have Without us realizing these opinions Free choice and will Were made for use to see our similarities and come together Not fragment ourselves Into our differences And I know differences make us who we are But I think the most important lesson we have yet to learn is Differences make us who we are But they aren't what we are Because we as selfish human race Are beautiful in so many different ways And that beauty can't be whittled away As long as hope stands for one person to believe That maybe just maybe There isn't anyone left to please

Yours truly,

The Poet

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