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Sound it out

I'm press shuns

So I'm here

Trying to impress you and her and him

And all I end up doing

Is oppressing myself

Pressing myself pushing myself down

My capabilities

Hidden in a room so dark

I begin to forget them myself

As you tell me to stop being so selfish

To think about her and him

Jim and bill

Jack and fin

Him and her

And them and not just you

But us.

And that's fine but

What. About. Me

How many times do I have to do what you say

Give you what you want

To make everyone around me happy

But the moment I declare


I'm fake and uncool and mean

And a bully

But what about me?

Why do I have help you every time you ask

If I haven't done it myself

You say jump

And you think I'll say how high

You say swim

And I'll say how far

You say drive

And I'll say how long

But that's not where I belong

I'm Hollywood or crazy

Because I don't talk around everybody

Not because I'm better

But trust is sacred

And everyone doesn't deserve it

if they don't earn it

Some I'm quiet

But u won't be a pushover

Because. I'll be stepped on trampled

So many times

I have shoe prints all over my back

My boots trashed because

I let people walk all over them

So again I ask

What. About. Me.

And you'll say you didn't know

You thought I was fine

That I didn't care

But now I'm saying it

And I don't care

I'll help you laugh with you

Be crazy with you but I won't trust you

There will always be an unreachable

Distance that you can't close unless you prove your trustworthy

The word welcome isn't written across my forehead because

Big surprise.

I'm not a door mat.

So leave the deceit and lies

At the door

And your ego at home

Because these days

You hurt me

In front your friends or alone

And as sure as I'm on earth

I'll prove your wrong

Because I'm tired of asking

What. About. Me

Yours Truly,

The Poet

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