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Mental Health & Self-Care

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Self-care isn't selfish-Self-care is needed. As women we are busy being superwoman,but is that all we are? What do you need? What do you want? Who will give it to you? Hmmm. I've pondered those questions for quite some time and realized the answer to each of those questions is simple.

I am more than a superwoman for everyone else!

I need more me time!

I want to be happy, to be full of joy- I want to love me!

I will give "me" those things!

WOW- I forgot that the ME inside of this body is important. The ME inside is a warrior. The ME inside is a survivor. The ME inside is beautiful. The ME inside is perfectly made by the man above. The ME inside is enough.

So I will say it again taking care of ME is not selfish it is a necessity.


W.O.E.(Women Of Excellence)

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