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Negro they say racism is dead

Negro they say racism is dead

Because our lawns are no longer burning at the cross

Negro they say slavery is over

Because who’s really still pickin cotton?

Negro they say slavery was bad

But look what it built

Look what it inspired

Negro they say they built this place

Negro they say they made this place

Negro it wasn’t them who whipped your ancestors

So who’s really to blame?

Because we are no longer

Hung from trees

Left as a warning for

Our families to see

What’s really the problem?

Negroes can’t walk like a negro

Can’t talk like a negro

Can’t act like a negro

Can’t dance like a Negro

Can’t have hair like a negro


Negro can’t have a nice car in

Unknown territory

Negro can’t wear hoodie

Negro can’t walk with friends

Negro can’t drive

Negro can’t breathe

Negro can’t believe

the asphalt


Memorizing every pebble

Who says we don’t get to see our caskets?

Negro knows what his deathbed

Will look like

Cold to the touch

Running red with his blood

We are taught to be cautious