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Self Care-A Guide to Mental Health

Hello, if you are like me and are super busy with life and find it difficult to take care of you-well you are reading the right blog. I am that person who pours and pours into others and then realize that I have depleted my cup! Sound familiar?

So I began to make a change in how I think, how I see myself, and how to start putting me first.

Tip #1- Start by figuring out what brings you joy

Tip# 2- Make a list of things you enjoy doing, and things you would like to try( Don't worry if your list is long-you won't do them all, but it is a great place to start)

Tip# 3- Everyday carve out 5 minutes that belong to you( go in the bathroom, sit in your car, anywhere that you can have 5 minutes of you time)

Tip# 4- During those 5 minutes- say something positive about yourself

Tip# 5-Close your eyes and take a deep breath inhaling through your nose and exhaling slowly out through your mouth

Tip #6- Enjoy being with you again- try it, believe me it makes a difference

Tip #7- Start increasing your "me time" by increments of 5 minutes until you get up to an hour.

Tip# 8- Go to your list and do something off of it.

Tip# 9- Journal how you feel scheduling time for yourself and finding your own sense of peace

Tip# 10- In order to give to others you have to give to yourself first!!

You are probably thinking that this is impossible to do, you don't have time because life is so busy. But, if you don't make the time you may not be around to give to anyone. Our mental health impacts our physical health; our physical health impacts our mental health.

Take it from me. I've always poured into others and didn't give a thought about how it was affecting my physical and mental well-being. I became overwhelmed, isolated, irritable, and depressed. However, I have pushed through and one thing I do now, is practice what I preach.


What are some things you are going to do to make time for you? We would love to hear your experiences.

Until next time,

Your Self-Care Motivator.

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