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You Matter-We All Matter

Have you ever experienced anxiety, loss of a loved one, or were so angry that you couldn't see straight? At some point in ones life we have all been in a place where the feelings are so overwhelming that you just don't know what to do. Mental health is on a continuum. The continuum goes from excelling-to-thriving to-surviving-to-struggling-to-crisis. It is okay to not be okay. But when you are struggling or in crisis take a few deep breaths, reach out to a supportive friend/family member, and talk to a professional. There are so many resources that are available. Don't struggle and suffer in silence.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline-24/7


Crisis Text line- 24/7

Text HOME to 741741

Check out our website. We offer classes to promote your overall well-being. Read our blogs or shop at our stores.

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This is awesome. We need to shed light on mental illness. This conversation is in dire need and super important!!

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