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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Taking care of you is important!

1) Engage in activities that you enjoy

2) Try journaling- writing down your thoughts, and feelings are a good way to release stress and anxiety. Make sure you write some positive things about yourself.

3) Set realistic goals in your persona and professional life

4) Build strong relationships so you don't feel alone or isolated

5) Exercise to improve your mood and decrease the risk of depression

6) Try to take trips, go for walks, outings- creating a social life is important

7) Break up your regular routine-try something different-find a hobby

8) There is no shame in asking for help-we all need help at one time or another.

9) Make sure you are eating healthy and regularly-stay hydrated

10) Stay away from using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate-those methods only provide temporary relief and doesn't make you feel better in the long run

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