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Blind Artists

Now you all know how I am constantly trying to figure out new ways to keep the kiddies entertained. Some weeks this blog has a heavy educational focus, and other times, it’ll still be educational but way more entertaining! Today we are focusing on a game called Blind Artists. This is a game that has to be played with at least two people.


  • Pen/ pencils

  • Drawing paper

  • Timer (phone applicable)

  • Pictures/ Images

If the game is played with more than two people, then the fun will be multiplied. Two people sit back to back. One person is shown a picture of something. They have to draw the image to the best of their ability in the time frame given. No longer than a minute or two. The lack of time is what puts on the pressure! The goal of the game is to have the person guess what picture has been drawn. The more people there are, the easier it is to form teams and get a competition going. For younger kids, it’s a great chance to practice their writing skills and grip using pencils. It’s an excellent opportunity for older kids to practice their drawing skills and pick up a new craft. I hope you have fun!


A Tip- Filled Teacher

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