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Sniff Detecter

Now families,

Here is a sense that we don’t rely on too often for any type of exploration. The nose! The sense of smell! Let’s put it to good use.


  • plastic spice containers

  • Cotton balls

  • Spices/ seasonings

  • Essential oils


  1. blindfold your child. Sketchy I know. But you want to make sure their sense of smell is enhanced

  2. Personally I suggest using the oils (which come in way more flavors than seasoning) and put some on the cotton balls

  3. Drop each cotton ball in a plastic spice container

  4. Have your child start smelling

For more fun. Don’t label any of the bottles and take turns guessing. Whose nose is more accurate? Which smells stump you? Which smells surprised you? Did this help to create or destroy a sensitivity to smell? Happy Sniffing!!! Sincerely, A Tip Filled Teacher

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