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Now parents, guardians, and families. I know the old sayings: Children should be seen and not heard!

But hear me out...children are going to be rowdy. They are going to be noisy. And my goodness they are going to be annoying.

But, how you engage with them matters. It sounds cliche but children just want to be understood.

As an adult how many times have you made a genuine mistake and it pissed you off when someone immediately became annoyed?

When someone doesn’t listen to what you have to say? When they assume your accidental error was on purpose and they belittle you for it? Everyone can relate. So be wary with your words.

Instead of how could you make such a mess try.... wow what happened here? Maybe next time we can try... An open line of communications when students are young is instrumental for when they become older.

The kind of relationship parents tend to want with their children don’t materialize out of thin air.

Another tip: Yes. You were right. But there’s a time and place to gloat. In the middle of the situation may not be the best. Now I know. I know. Had they listened in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened. But they didn’t. And it did. So, where can we go from here.

I work with extremely young kids and it’s so easy to become frustrated. I tend to take a deep breath and ask: How can you fix this problem if it’s something independent? If I believe they need assistance, the question becomes, How can we fix the problem? It won’t work every time. And you won’t remember every time. But, the key is repetition and practice.

The goal is for the future to look better than the present. Less struggles. Less worry. More responsibility.

Be compassionate.

Be kind.

Be wise.


A Tip-Filled Teacher

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