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Shaving Cream/Dish liquid fun

Shaving Cream/ Dish Liquid Fun

Welcome back!

Now I know that keeping kids entertained can be a bit much. They get into everything, they always want attention, and they always want to be occupied.

Have no fear; a tip-filled teacher is here! Today I will introduce Shaving Cream or Dish Liquid Activity. This is perfect for younger kids. First, you’ll need some materials.

  • Shaving Cream

  • Dish Liquid

  • Tray/ Pan

  • Stick

  • Water

The tray/ pan is for the dish liquid and the shaving cream. This way, it minimizes the mess and makes it a lot less challenging to clean up afterward. When using shaving cream, any kind works, and it gives the child a sensory feeling that they can work with. When using dish liquid, add a bit of water to have the substance become more lather-like. With this, children can practice their alphabet, shapes, and numbers. The stick can be used to mimic a writing utensil if your child has an aversion to certain textures. This can be used to occupy your child’s time alone or be used as family fun time too! Let me know how this works for you! Some music in the background and a good time is sure to happen!


A Tip- Filled Teacher

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